Introducing our Meet the Team Series. In this blog, we introduce you to Nikita Schultz, a Junior Test Engineer who joined 2i in September 2020.

2i is growing rapidly, building a diverse team of software testing experts, and contributing to Scotland's technical skills development community by working with key organizations like CodeClan.

Nikita Schultz joined 2i in September 2020. Nikita has always enjoyed technical problem solving and creative work, building web sites for her favourite bands and recreating arcade games while in high school.

While she enjoyed her studies at university she realized it wasn't a field she had a true passion for, and having moved to Scotland, came across CodeClan and realized it was an opportunity to develop her career in a direction she felt passionate and excited about.

Like every one Nikita has missed the physical experience of working with teams due to the pandemic, but again this presented a technical challenge to overcome through new ways of working and collaborating.

Nikita was attracted to 2i as she saw a business that would offer her a lot of learning opportunities. As someone at the early stage of her technology career, it was very important to her that she would be exposed to a wide range of different tools, frameworks and languages, and so far she has certainly found this to be the case.

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Author: 2i Testing