In this competitive world it feels necessary to keep up with the "trend", which ever field it may be and in my view it includes human relations as well, but for now I will stick to the current situation. 

I am not an active person on social media, although I do tend to keep accounts in all of them to understand what / how / why these work and to keep up with the "trends". I would say I am more of a window shopper when it comes to social networking, however on a professional side I have been spending more time on LinkedIn recently. I've been noticing more and more people updating their profiles with new skills and certifications, to keep up to the emerging tech, as well as a shift in the way the organisations communicate, work and create opportunities.

It feels like the current situation we have found ourselves in might have pushed everyone to explore new ways, which I believe is the right thing to do.

The question is; how much of this "keeping up with the trend" is actually creating an opportunity? 


Whether the opportunity finds you, if you are keeping up with the trend?


Identify an opportunity that creates a trend for the rest to follow?

So...what is your answer? Where do you fit in? and what you want to be? in this current situation or the new normal.

Is "trend" an enabler for "opportunity" OR is "opportunity an enabler for trend"?

I think there are more questions than answers and I believe the situations will push you to find your answers and its different for everyone whether its an Individual or an Organisation and the current situation we are in has definitely pushed everyone to "Create a Trend" or "Create an opportunity" at their own levels.

I see a lot of learning happening at the individual front which is creating a healthy, positive and competitive spirit among people to explore their capabilities and push themselves, which was somewhat hard in our old normal with long commutes, traffic jams or its just excuses we make of these. This current situation has created a new trend in every individual to explore their potential and create great opportunities for themselves or create opportunities that became a trend for others to follow. so keep learning and exploring what ever the situation be.

Organisations have realised that flexibility is more than just a word in their Job adverts, its nice to see them adopt to flexible working and appreciate that this working model can actually be more productive and "its possible" to keep running their business (I appreciate that its not practical for all business), so this is the new trend, organisations setting an example to others to follow and create and explore opportunities.

Question the situation to find your answers and you create a Trend or an Opportunity.


Author: Santosh Kumar Senior Consultant