Here at 2i Testing we are really excited to be involved with Ministry of Testing (MoT) and especially in helping set up the MOT in Edinburgh - we are supporting the first meetup tonight!

MoT have been doing great work for a while now to bring together the testing community to advance the software testing industry in a fun, safe, professional and forward-thinking way. It gives testers the opportunity to meet people from other organisations and backgrounds, share ideas, successes and challenges. Often there is no established test function or communities of practice for testing within their organisations and MoT gives them that platform, combined with a fun and relaxed approach to learning more about testing and the role of the tester.

2i very much want to play a part in creating and growing this testing community in Edinburgh and beyond. As the testing landscape continually changes and expands, we believe a strong testing community will share, learn and can grow together to the benefit of the individuals and our profession.

The first MoT in Edinburgh will have a talk from Lee Crossley called "Rise of the Machines."

Exploring the current and future state of mobile delivery/testing technologies, Lee’s talk will cover the following topics:

• Web Services Automation
• Performance Testing
• Service Virtualisation
• 1 Click View of the World
• The future of User Interface Automation

“The title that came to me when thinking about the evolution of tooling within the mobile space; Apple and Google have come a long way in the last two years when it comes to baking in test solutions within their development tool sets. My aim was to give people an idea of what to think about when faced with testing mobile projects and hopefully take away a few ideas they can fail/succeed fast with," says Crossley.

It should be a really interesting presentation, and extremely relevant to the digital transformation journeys currently being undertaken by organisations in Edinburgh.

Lee’s talk will be followed by a Lean coffee session to discuss the topics and points raised in Lee’s talk.

We hope to see you there and if you can't make it tonight, sign up and come along to the next one!

Author: 2i Testing