Delivering quality software at pace

Automation is a key enabler for delivering quality software at pace using agile and DevOps methodologies. Test Automation when done right can:

  • Reduce overall testing costs and time required for test execution
  • Provide greater test coverage and deeper insights into quality
  • Integrate into Continuous Integration and Deployment pipelines to drive further efficiencies to increase overall team velocity and reduce time to market

Whether you’re looking to transition from manual testing and implement Test Automation from scratch or want to take steps to enhance your existing automation capabilities to realise your full Return On Investment, we can provide you with the people, advice and industry best practice examples to;

  • Review your current automation maturity and potential
  • Define an appropriate automation approach and strategy
  • Create the right automation architecture, aligned to your software products
  • Engineer a high performing, maintainable Test Automation Framework with the most appropriate Test Automation tools to target Unit, API and UI tests.